Extremely Fast

File Transfer for Content Owners and Creators.

  • 100x Faster than FTP
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost

Snapbit is designed to solve the problems normally faced with high speed transfers.

High Speed
Speed is our priority. Super fast transfers mean you'll always deliver on time no matter how tight the deadline.
Transparent Pricing
Our pricing is clear, transparent and easy to understand. We provide the same value as solutions that cost 10x the price.
Rock Solid Security
We know security is important and built our tool from the ground up with the latest security controls and features.
Flexible Workflows
We have integrated key easy-to-use features to streamline the entire file transfer process. Everything from saved contacts, mass-sharing, connection control and more.
The Features You Need
"I've worked with all the other tools on the market and when I really need to send a file quickly to my most important contacts, I always choose Snapbit."
We built the best solution for fast file transfer.
  • Faster
  • More Secure
  • Reliable
  • Trusted
We have spent the last two decades using all the available industry tools for fast file transfer. None have truly met our needs.
We decided to build a tool that supported the demands of industry professionals and their workflows.
We needed an east-to-use solution that allowed us to manage the sharing permissions, bandwidth throttling settings, high speed network and administration needs we had.
Snapbit allows us to transfer files according to our business needs. It is both easy-to-use and flexible. We have considered our experiences with all the other tools on the market and found the perfect solution.
Pricing That Makes Sense
Single User
Unlimited Transfers
Email Notifications
Password Protected Transfers
Additional Users